Monday, 30 June 2014

Week 6 : Unagi

Previously I had directly used methods provided by the content repository to search for specific NodeTypes embeded deep inside a parent Node.This week I embarked to use FlowQuery and Eel to locate the specific Nodes.Eel or the Embed Expression Language is a domain specific language which provides a good interface for solving complex expressions.the only way EEL could be used inside a Flow Package(PHP) was through FlowQuery.On a side note the title of this Post comes from Unagi a Japanese fresh water eel.

  • Twitter posting now includes a link to the page and shortens any text if it exceeds the character count i.e 140 characters.
  • Facebook and Twitter Override methods were drastically improved by using FlowQuery to find the content nodes for a Page.
  • Page posting for twitter is now enabled which works in a similar manner to Facebook Page Posting and grabs the most appropriate headline/text node in that page for the content of the tweet along with the link to the page.

  • I built a simple logging interface to ease development ,this shows the errors with access tokens or any such  important messages.this system is good only for development purposes.

Issues Faced:
  • Learning Eel was more complicated than I expected it to be. 
  • Had some issues with newer versions of facebook sdk.had to revert to 4.0.1
Next weeks goals:
  • Next week I intend to tackle the behemoth Image grabbing and posting.
Please post some suggestions if you have any idea on how to improve this project.
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