Saturday, 7 June 2014

Week 3 - UI and advancements

Tension is rising as the midterm evaluation is nearing(23rd June) with my original mid term goal being to finish Social Connect for one social networking site and deploy it for testing.
      I started off last week with the intention of displaying messages on completing of posting/failure but the absense of a framework to do so has put that on hold for now.

Progress for last week:
  • Updated the Facebook Post method to take captions,descriptions and images into consideration, as of now images and description are pre-defined in a yaml file and only the content is fetched from the Node,and posted onto Facebook.
  • For now,the headline NodeType is fully supported and the Inspector UI has been modified for that and a select box is made to select a channel for publishing.

  •  There is an option available to use defaults for name/caption/description for the post or methods can be written to override these defaults as per user discretion.
  • This Package is now available on Packagist repository and can be downloaded easily by adding a line in the composer.json

  • Posting exception messages in the interface is still not done.
  • deciding on which node type to consider and handling complex node types.
Next week Goals:
  • Handling complex Nodes like Pages,Chapters etc and image handling if possible.
  • Wind up on Facebook and start working on Google Plus by the end of the week. 
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