Sunday, 1 June 2014

Week 2 - Connect

The second week began with me tackling some issues regarding instantiating objects of library files,figures out that i had an mal-aligned doc block which was causing the problem pointed out by the wonderful community ofcourse,after i fixed that things starting falling in line and the progress was smooth as butter.

Progress this week:

  1. First things first,at the time when i started this project Facebook PHP SDK 4.0 was just released and was kind of unstable,But around the last week on May,It had become stable so i deceided to migrate to this better version of the SDK.Which provided more classes and more functionality than the previous one.
  2. I was able to connect to the Facebook services whenever my publishing process generates a signal,and it would post the content of the selected NodeType onto a Facebook page/wall specified.

  3. And the settings regarding Facebook access such as URL,appid etc are stored in a separate settings.yaml file to provide better security.
  4. With respect to the new privacy policy of Facebook it is almost impossible to get an infinitely valid access token.But with respect to Facebook Page which the user is an admin of it is easy to get the access token which lasts forever,i have highlighted all steps to achieve this on the Readme of the Github repo of this package.
  5. Exception handling also done with respect to API calls.
Issues/Problems experienced:
  • I was unable to figure out about the messaging framework of Neos/Flow.
Next Week Goals:

  1. Display appropriate messages on posting to Facebook or display any exceptions.
  2. Analyze the content of the NodeType to check if it has child nodes and images should be considered also.
  3. Inspector UI for SocialConnect.
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