Monday, 7 July 2014

week 7 :Picture Perfect

Previously Image posting on Facebook used to work with an image link specified in the Config file.this week i set out to dynamically fetch the Image within the Node specified and grab the Web URL related to that link and pass it as a parameter for post.

  • Used textFinder() which locates inner TextNodes and made changes to facilitate Image Nodes.
  • Image Nodes are analyzed and converted to resource to get the web URL.
  • Web URL is specified as the post paramter for the image and post is published.
  • some Code Clean up of existing redundant code and fixed a few Bugs of previous builds involving Headline Nodes.
  • Lack of an actual server prevented me from testing image link because i have provided http/https links for Facebook/Twitter.
Next week Goals:
  • Implement a system for previewing the post on various channels.
Please post some suggestions if you have any idea on how to improve this project.
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