Friday, 20 June 2014

Week 5: Tweet Tweet

Well,I started off this week with the goal of finishing off with Facebook Connect and moving on to Google Plus,I did finish off with Facebook but Google Plus disallows automated posting as of now and I coudn't think of any legal way to post automatically to Google Plus,So I decided to do Twitter and it went like a breeze.

Progress last week:
  • Wrote functions to find a node of a particular type nested deep inside a page,the function works almost perfectly but fails when it encounters a NodeType content collection(teaser).With this Publishing a Page with Facebook will mean that it finds the first headline and uses it as the content for the post,and text for description and the remaining paramters are taken from the page.
  • Working with twitter went like a dream,I used a third party API(codebird) which was really well documented and the best part is that twitter access tokens never expire.
  • After configuring the SDK the remainder of the process was quite similar to Facebook so within no time I could post from my Neos instance to my wall on Twitter.

Issues Faced:
  • Google Plus:Google Plus allowed posting of moments which require you to share the post manually to have a public visibility,which defeats the purpose of automated posting.
  • Getting a verified Twitter developer account took me a day since they don't do mobile verification in India,I had to write to the customer support to get read/write access.
Next weeks Goals:
  • Sharing links/images in the tweet.
  • Tweeting a page.
  • Preparing a tutorial on how to set it all up.
Please post some suggestions if you have any idea on how to improve this project.
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  1. do let me know how it can work and is there any ways i can check this so it would give me first hand experience of posting on my twitter

  2. How does one lay man understand and work with it
    layman being me !!!!!!

  3. You need to install typo3 neos first.