Friday, 23 May 2014

Week 1 - A new beginning

The official coding period for GSOC started on 19th May 2014.With regard to my Final Exams getting over on 23rd May,there was a very little I could contribute this week.But nevertheless the excitement level got me coding whenever I had free time.
Progress this week:

  1. Updated installation to dev-master,understood how composer works for downloading packages.
  2. Set up a Basic Flow Package with Slot Service to listen to the publishing process and write all the contents of the respective node.
  3. Used composer to download the library files of Facebook PHP SDK to the Flow Package.
  4. Set up Package.php for the Package to configure the wiring between signal and slot ,and other dependencies. 
Issues/Problem experienced:
  1. Trouble with enterprise level concepts of PHP likes Aspect Oriented Programming.
  2. Trouble initializing objects of library files in the slot.
Next week Goals:
  1. Set up objects of Facebook class in the slot service,and communicate with the Facebook SDK.
  2. Display appropriate messages in the backend.
  3. Handle Exceptions.
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  1. There you go Congrats on your debut venture and all the very best. You will succeed for sure.