Saturday, 12 July 2014

Week 8 : PreView

Let's recap what I have been doing with this small video.Thanks to this project I'm getting to learn a lot of new technologies every week.This week since I indulged in creating a preview for Facebook and Twitter I got my hands dirty with TypoScript and Fluid for the First time.

  • Facebook Preview System for Posting a page,which gives a sample layout with the Post Parameters chosen appropriately.

  • Twitter Preview System for Page Posting ,shows a simple template of what it will look like once posted on Twitter.

  • I have isolated any Twitter/Facebook CSS from this project as proprietary code would cause licensing issues.
  • Fixed a bug regarding caption limit to Facebook posting.  
  • Unable to show image in preview.
  • There are some issues when previewing blank/incomplete pages
Next Week Goals:
  • Find and Fix any bugs relating to this project.and improve performance.
  • Make a tutorial explaining installation .
Catch this project on Github  or packagist.Drop a comment if you have any ideas on making this project better.

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