Sunday, 10 August 2014

Week 12

This week was less productive compared to the previous weeks because of my semester resuming ,but nevertheless I fixed a major issue which had in the closet since the first few weeks.the textFinder function which is employed in the override for facebook used to find child nodes based the on the given grammar,but if a page contained a page it would traverse that node too,since I was implementing this in FlowQuery there was no way known to me to ignore those pageNodes and successfully find all other child nodes,so I coupled the TYPO3 Content Repository along with FlowQuery ,I get an array of all child nodes satisfying the grammar(node type) and then use TYPO3CR to check if their parent page node is the page concerned.This was I was able to find the best matching nodes for that page.

Next week I wish to implement a multi-threading approach for all the api-calls to improve performance.

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