Saturday, 2 August 2014

Week 11 - Blogception

This title is a homage to 2010's Hollywood blockbuster of
the name Inception,which dwells into the concept of dreams inside
dreams.Usually every weekend i log into blogger and post my updates about that week's work,this week I used the Blogger Posting feature of Social Connect which i just added to post directly from my Neos Website.
This week's progress:
  • Made enhancements to some more code.
  • Added blogger posting to social connect.
  • Providing a username/password combination in the Configuration file along with the name of the blog to post to blogger.
Issues faced:
  • The Blogger posting is still very basic and unstable.
Next Week Goals:
  •  Improve Blogger Posting support complex structures/nodes if possible
  • clean up some more old code.

Catch the progress on Github and comment here for any suggestions/changes.

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